Patagonia Argentina, September 24, 2018

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The Andean Patagonia

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The Patagonian and Tierra del Fuego Andes extend west of the region. It is a mountainous area, of cold and humid climate, covered by exuberant forests, with very tall trees as the lengas, cohiues, araucarias, alerces and arrayanes.

The extensive forests and snow-capped mountains share the space with lakes of crystal-clear waters, natural fluents of thermal waters and further to the south, the imposing glaciers.

This region offers the possibility of carrying out the most diverse activities. The traditional tourism with an impressive variety of excursions. The great number of lakes invite you to the practice of nautical sports, diving and beaches suitable for bathing.

Fishing constitutes another great attraction.

Its mountains are ideal to engage in long walks and trekking, and they are also excellent take off platforms for paragliders and hang gliders. Unique experiences as visualizing great glaciers and visiting estancias. In winter, several ski centers offer ski slopes and trails for Nordic or cross country, Andean or Alpine skiing, snowboard and sleigh modalities.

Undoubtedly, Andean Patagonia is the sub-region with the greatest number of places of tourist interest.