Driving across Patagonia

Traveling in your own car in Patagonia is a challenge many times. Roads and paths are not always well kept or there is no pavement, not to mention the solitude that characterizes the argentine south. Our collaborator Mariano Fernandez Soler…
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Route 40, pure adventure

Route 40 runs alongside the Andes from la Puna until reaching the Glaciers of the South.  It is mythical for many reasons. For the solitary stretches it crosses. For the peaks of the Andes that guard the route like centennials.…
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Chos Malal - Patagonia Argentina

Chos Malal

In Mapuche its name means “Yellow Corral” and this is what it looks like in the cool days of autumn, when the green trees turn deep yellow and ochre and it is corralled by reddish brown foothills. This charming town…
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