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Roads and corners to discover

Somuncurá’s Plateau

Meseta de Somuncurá

The stone that speaks the language of Earth Such as the villagers tell, the stones roll by themselves during the nights and the wind whispers when playing with them in the heart of Somuncurá. This Patagonian plateau is filled with much beauty … Continue reading

Our family trip to Patagonia

Parte de nuestro grupo, extasiado frente al lago Argentino.

We are from Spain and wanted to set up a family travel itinerary, together with a group of Argentine friends, to the deepest Patagonia. Traveling grupally with friends or family requires much more planning than doing it alone or as … Continue reading

Trains in Patagonia: the facts

La Trochita - Tren a vapor en la Patagonia Argentina

Traveling by Train is romantic. It makes us imagine that we are time travelers. To enter that world of rolling wagons, dampened noises and smooth wobble is an unforgettable experience. If we add the fact that through the windows the … Continue reading

The Trochita, a unique steam train in the world

Estación El Maitén

Riding in a 1922 steam train to travel across the Patagonian steppe up to the Andes is a unique feeling that you can make real in Patagonia Argentina . The Trochita is a 1922 steam train that runs through Patagonia … Continue reading

A 5000 kilometers long Tourist Corridor

In the near future we might see the legendary Route 40, which runs from la Puna (the high plateau) to the glaciers, become easier to travel. Can anyone imagine what represents a journey down this backbone of the Americas? Can … Continue reading

Driving across Patagonia

Traveling in your own car in Patagonia is a challenge many times. Roads and paths are not always well kept or there is no pavement, not to mention the solitude that characterizes the argentine south. Our collaborator Mariano Fernandez Soler … Continue reading

The First 100 Years of the Cape of the Virgins Lighthouse

Faro de Cabo Vírgenes

In April of 1904 the light of this black and white lighthouse, 26 meters tall, was turned on for the first time. The lighthouse is located in a precarious spot, bordered by the Strait of Magellan and battered by winds … Continue reading

When Brazil tried to invade Argentina

Vista de Patagones -

At the southern end of the Province of Buenos Aires is Carmen de Patagones, unknown to most tourists. However much of Patagonian history was written in this region. Facing Viedma, separated by the Negro River, it is another key point … Continue reading

Patagonia’s Lighthouses

Faro en Punta Delgada

Lighthouses are an emblem of sailors and Patagonia, discovered, respected and even feared by seamen, conserves many of these artifacts. The word lighthouse (“faro” in Spanish) comes from Pharos, the name of an island located in front of Alexandria’s port … Continue reading

San José Fort – Bird Island

Capilla en la Isla de los Pájaros

Exploring the Valdés Peninsula is a unique experience for the senses. A large tongue of land, profound blue waters on both sides, marine birds in the air and a lone white church, next to the beach and pale as a … Continue reading

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