Punta Perdices

Punta Perdices is located within the Villarino Peninsula, in the San Matías Gulf, Río Negro Province. A few meters from the Port of San Antonio Este is one of the most sought after beaches by lovers of tranquility and full nature: Punta Perdices. With crystalline waters and a pleasant temperatures, in Punta Perdices there are… Read on

Somuncurá’s Plateau

The stone that speaks the language of Earth Such as the villagers tell, the stones roll by themselves during the nights and the wind whispers when playing with them in the heart of Somuncurá. This Patagonian plateau is filled with much beauty and mystery, where the sonority of the silence of the barren landscape becomes almost touchable,… Read on

The Trochita, a unique steam train in the world

Riding in a 1922 steam train to travel across the Patagonian steppe up to the Andes is a unique feeling that you can make real in Patagonia Argentina . The Trochita is a 1922 steam train that runs through Patagonia Argentina along ​​402 kilometers. Currently it operates as a regular tourist train in 20 kilometer… Read on

Driving across Patagonia

Traveling in your own car in Patagonia is a challenge many times. Roads and paths are not always well kept or there is no pavement, not to mention the solitude that characterizes the argentine south. Our collaborator Mariano Fernandez Soler writes two chapters telling us everything we have to have in mind when starting our… Read on