The Gold fever in Patagonia – Part II

Here is the second and last part of the story of the Gold fever in Patagonia. Julio Popper, the intrepid Romanian, settles in Tierra del Fuego and founds El Páramo, an  establishment dedicated to the extraction of gold. But it will not only deal with that. This character who walks all the time on the… Read on

Immigrants in Patagonia

The colonization method used by the Spanish was quite different from the one exerted in the United States, which was based upon rural colonization. In our country the model followed was one of urban colonization and, as a consequence, huge territories (Patagonia included) were left unpopulated. This determined to a great extent the further demographic… Read on

The Welsh in Patagonia

It was 1865, long before Argentina began to show serious intentions of conquering and colonizing the south, when a group of Welsh settled in the lands that today belong to the Province of Chubut. This story deserves its own chapter. These settlers were motivated by special reasons. They were neither adventurers searching for a hypothetical… Read on

The Gold fever in Patagonia – Part I

It is not a secret that Patagonia shelters fantastic stories, inordinate men, almost impossible missions. Julio Popper and the search for gold is one of them. In this first part we tell you who this man was, how his life was and how he came to this end of the world looking, above all, for… Read on