My skiing debut

Professional adventurer, our columnist Mariano Fernández Soler tells us his experience the first time he slipped on a pair of skis. Read this note, you will have fun and you will surely be encouraged to discover the infinite pleasure of…
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Cerro Bayo - Foto

Bayo Hill

The Cerro Bayo Skiing Resort is one of the most exclusive in the country and the closest to an urban center. Surrounded by an incomparable natural environment, it incorporates the best technological advances every year. The base of this ski…
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Skiing in Valdelén

The nearest ski center to Río Gallegos is in Rio Turbio, on Dorotea Hill. The Valdelén Center of Winter Sports is located 4 kilometers from Rio Turbio, practically on the frontier with Chile. When arriving to the top of the…
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Skiing at La Hoya - Esquel - Photo: Secretaría de Turismo de Esquel

La Hoya

In the mountainous range of Esquel, 13 km. from the city and next to the Cañadón de Los Bandidos, you will find La Hoya, a ski and other winter activities center. It is one of the most sought after places for…
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Skiing in Ushuaia

Ushuaia, located in the end of the Andes Mountain range, is surrounded by mountainous peaks and suitable lands for the practice of all type of winter sports. The official opening of the season takes place the night of June 20,…
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