Tips for skiers and snowboarders

What to wear In the mountains climate changes are usually abrupt. The essential thing is to wear warm underwear and then a jacket, pants and waterproof over-pants. You also need a hat to protect the ears and gloves and wool stockings. The sun of the mountain is a temptation to tanning, but do not forget… Read on

My skiing debut

Professional adventurer, our columnist Mariano Fernández Soler tells us his experience the first time he slipped on a pair of skis. Read this note, you will have fun and you will surely be encouraged to discover the infinite pleasure of gliding on the snow. The story begins when, together with an adventurous companion who officiated… Read on

Skiing in Ushuaia

Ushuaia, located in the end of the Andes Mountain range, is surrounded by mountainous peaks and suitable lands for the practice of all type of winter sports. The official opening of the season takes place the night of June 20, with the National Party of the Longest Night. An attractive walk with torches is carried… Read on

Skiing in Valdelén

The nearest ski center to Río Gallegos is in Rio Turbio, on Dorotea Hill. The Valdelén Center of Winter Sports is located 4 kilometers from Rio Turbio, practically on the frontier with Chile. When arriving to the top of the tracks, surrounded of ñires forests and lengas, you can see the channels of the Pacific… Read on

Skiing at Primeros Pinos Snow Park

At only 45 km. from Zapala and 230 km. from the city of Neuquen, this Snow Park has been, for many years, the favorite of the area’s inhabitants. You get here from Neuquén city after driving along National Route 22 up to Zapala and then taking Provincial Route 13. Primeros Pinos is ideal for beginners,… Read on

Skiing in Perito Moreno Hill

The El Bolsón town, in the Southwest of the Province of Rio Negro forms, together with other towns of the neighboring Province of Chubut (among them Esquel), the Andean District of the Parallel 42°. It is also part of the Corredor de los Lagos (Lakes Corridor). In winter, to the charms this town has got,… Read on

Skiing in Copahue and Caviahue

In the northwest of the Province of Neuquén, at the foot of the Copahue Volcano and beside Lake Caviahue, these mountain villages are located, at 1600 meters above sea level and 18 kilometers from each other. The area is inside the Copahue Provincial Park, 8300 hectares, with pehuenes forests, swamplands and cascades, where the tourists… Read on

Skiing in Batea Mahuida

This Snow Park is situated in the north of the Province of Neuquén, some 63 Km. from Aluminé. In order to reach here you must take National route 22 from the city of Neuquén up to Zapala and then provincial Routes 46 and 23, traversing Laguna Blanca National Park and heading for Aluminé (121 Km…. Read on

Skiing in Cerro Chapelco

San Martín de los Andes, located by the shore of Lago Lacar in the National Park Lanin, has uncountable attractions that make it a privileged tourism destination all year long. But in winter, the eyes are fixed on Cerro Chapelco, ski center only 20 kilometers away from this city. You can get there after no… Read on

Skiing in Cerro Catedral

The most famous and well-known ski center of Argentina is only 19 kilometers from Bariloche. It’s Cerro Catedral. It has the largest history in the Latin-American ski. This sport started here in the 30’s when a group of young people founded the Club Andino Bariloche. Today it has got everything needed by the experienced skiers,… Read on