Patagonia, October 15 2020
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Arts & Culture in Patagonia

A Decidedly Southern Seventh Art

El equipo de la película Las vidas posibles en pleno rodaje

People held their breaths for a second that seemed to last a century, their pupils turned into winter suns, and an instant later the air was released along with the muffled sounds of thrills.   That train had just crossed … Continue reading

Patagonian Landscapes

A photographic exhibition of the End of the World     A unique, surprising and accurate view. Photographers Alberto Cortés and Eduardo Frías, both from the city of Viedma, Province of Río Negro, open this exhibition as a first step … Continue reading

Today we “listen to” the southern wind, the one that is born in the cold…

Cultrun en loncomeo

Despite its poor promotion, Patagonian music has had a great development and relevance in the culture of its people since its ancestral beginnings. We invite you to travel through those origins to the present day. Four men dance around a … Continue reading

Ephemeral Art at the End of the World

Certamen de esculturas de nieve - Ushuaia

Each winter at Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, a snow sculptures contest takes place. This is a form of art that has got many fans around the world, particularly in Canada, United States and Europe. Also called “ephemeral … Continue reading

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