Cartref’Taid Museum

Tumba del Malacara - Trevelin - Foto:

Cartref’Taid means ” Grandfather´s Home ” and that’s just this museum: the place where Clery Evans keeps the memories of his grandfather, John Evans, one of the protagonists of the history of this part of Patagonia. At the Cartref’Taid museum, there is a story about John Daniel Evans and the Malacara horse. Evans was one… Read on

Patagonia massacre

Entierro de un huelguista en Río Gallegos

Around 1500 strikers were shot dead during the events of the “Patagonia Trágica” (Tragic Patagonia), which began with a conflict between landowners and workers due to the dismissal of farm workers and poor working conditions. The Radical government sent a military group to solve the conflict, and Lieutenant Colonel Varela accomplished the mission by slaughtering… Read on

Marambio, an antarctic feat

Bandera argentina en la Base Marambio

Dreams of uniting the white territory with the continent by air became true on October 29th, 1969, when Marambio Base was founded. The mission undertaken by the Soberanía patrol is remembered as a hallmark in the Argentinean pioneering history. A long time after the 1902 expedition commanded by Dr. Otto Nordenskjold in the vessel Antarctic… Read on

The Beatification of Ceferino Namuncurá


How it occurred, what reverberation it triggered, how the participants and the audience have experienced it, which old wounds were healed and which ones reopened… All this and more is told in this article. Around 60 thousand people attended Ceferino Namuncurá’s beatification ceremony. Mapuche and Catholic flags and symbols mingled in a crowd that expressed… Read on