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Route 40

Route 40, pure adventure

Ruta 40

Route 40 runs alongside the Andes from la Puna until reaching the Glaciers of the South. It is mythical for many reasons. For the solitary stretches it crosses. For the peaks of the Andes that guard the route like centennials. … Continue reading

The Conditions of the Road and Recommendations

Ruta 40

In general, you will find Route 40 and the other provincial roads that we mentioned to be well maintained. In the season between December and March it is travelable in all of its totality without major inconveniences by all types … Continue reading

Route 40: From Gobernadores Gregores to El Calafate

Monte Fitz Roy

Route 40 continues southward, passing Tres Lagos (Three Lakes), 200 km from Gregores. A little after Tres Lagos we meet up with Provincial Route 23 which can take us to El Chaltén, National Capital of Trekking. This route borders Lake Viedma … Continue reading

Route 40: From Perito Moreno to Gobernador Gregores

Centro de Gobernador Gregores y monumento a Ceferino Namuncurá

It is 128km of gravel road in good condition from Perito Moreno to Bajo Caracoles. Bajo Caracoles is not interesting from a tourist stand-point, but it must be mentioned as a resting point and as a place to purchase provisions … Continue reading

Route 40: To Cañadón del Río Pinturas and Cueva de las Manos

Cueva de las Manos

In order to get to the Cueva de las Manos you must travel 160 km south. The road is gravel but well-maintained. If you plan to visit either El Chaltén or El Calafate, it is advisable to leave this excursion … Continue reading

Route 40: To Los Antiguos and Lago Buenos Aires

Guanaco cerca de Los Antiguos

In order to go to Los Antiguos, one must travel 60km on asphalt towards the mountain range, along the south shore of the beautiful Lake Buenos Aires. After traveling for about 10km from Perito Moreno you can already begin to … Continue reading

Route 40: From Río Mayo to Perito Moreno

Río Pinturas

Within a few Kilometers of leaving Río Mayo we enter the province of Santa Cruz.The road is well marked, but the 125 km stretch is unpaved for 112 km and lacks services. The trip continues to pass through the steppes. This … Continue reading

Route 40: From Alto Río Senguer to Río Mayo


Continuing along this solitary stretch of Route 40 we begin to be able to see guanacos (large mammals similar to llamas) and ñandúes (large birds similar to ostriches) grazing in the distance. There are only 3 km of asphalt on … Continue reading

Route 40: From Gobernador Costa to Alto Río Senguer

La Ruta 40 y el cielo

Here, the road passes through the meseta between the rivers Genoa and Appeleg, following the ancient paths of the Tehuelches. It is a journey of 180 km in total, 144 are paved and there are 36 unpaved. There are service … Continue reading

Route 40: From Esquel to Gobernador Costa

Zigzag por la ruta 40

Leaving Esquel, south of the 43rd Parallel, Route 40 follows the ancient path of “rastrillada tehuelche”. This is the territory of the steppe, with small fresh water sources called “mallines” in the language of Mapuche aborigines, which have a vibrant … Continue reading

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