Small leg of lamb with cider

Ingredients: Lamb leg: 1 Cider: 1 bottle Small onions: 1/2 kg. Big onions (finelly minced): 2 Sour green apples: 1 kg. Pepper and salt (to taste) Sugar: 1/2 cup Oregano: 1 pinch Oil: necessary quantity Garlic: 4 cloves Preparation: Put gild in oil the cruched garlic in a pot and the minced onion, once ready… Read on

Sweet sour chicken pasties

Ingredients: 10 Doughs for pasties 2 Chicken breasts (boiled) 2 Onions 1 Tomato 1/2 Green pepper 1 Quince 1 Green apple 1 Peach 4 Spoons of hen broth 1 Spoon of mustard 1 Spoon of paprika 1 Pinch of sugar 2 Spoons of butter 2 Spoons of oil Preparation: Heat the oil and the butter… Read on

Conger soup

Ingredients: 1 and 1/2 kilogram of conger eel 1 kg. of potatoes 1 onion 2 carrots 2 tomatoes 2 spoons of chopped parsley 2 garlic cloves 1 bay leaf 1 tea spoon of sugar 1/2 cup of oil Preparation: Clean, skin and remove head from the fish. Boil the head in a litre of salt… Read on

Picklea fungi

Ingredients: Clean fungi (boiled in water with 20% of vinegar): 1 kg. Garlic: 3 teeth Median Onions (little pieces): 3 Boiled carrots cut in slices: 3 Minced sweet red pepper (previously boiled): 1 Minced sweet green pepper (previously boiled): 1 Minced spring onion (to fry lightly): 50 grs. Salt and white pepper in grain: to… Read on

Spiced chocolate soufflé

Ingredients 200 grams of butter 160 grams of sugar 120 grams of unsweetened chocolate 80 grams of flour 5 eggs 160 cc. of milk 1 teaspoon of cinnamon 1 pinch of pepper, ginger and nutmeg Preparation: Beat the butter with the sugar. Add the flour and spices. Set aside. In a double boiler melt the… Read on

Lamb loin in sage

Ingredients: 1 Whole loin 2 Large onions 2 Glasses of red wine 1 Cup of breadcrumbs Parsley, sage 2 Garlic cloves 30 grs of almonds 3 Eggs 50 grs of grated cheese Preparation: Bone and trim of most of the fat keeping the shape of the meat. Coat with salt and pepper and put in… Read on

Salmon Pate

 Ingredients Salmon  without skin and thorns 1 kg. Mayonnaise 1 kg. Garlic 1 clove (without the center) Leaves of fresh basil 2 Squeezed lemon 1 Salt – pepper (to taste) Preparation Put the salmon on a baker dish, cook in oven to strong flame (necessary time 45 minutes) meanwhile boil the lemon juice, together with… Read on

The New Patagonia Cuisine

We have been asked more than once if a defined Patagonia cuisine exists, and we have always answered yes, because we find distinct regional trademarks, such as the use of wild boar, trout and venison. But rarely do we think more deeply about what makes the cooking of this region distinct in other ways. The… Read on

Forest Crepes

Our visitor and member of Club Patagonia, Lola Quintiero, has sent us this recipe for an exquisite dessert that we would like to share with you. Celebrate the holiday season by putting something special on your table. Ingredients for the crepe batter: *150 cc of Milk *80 grams of flour *2 Eggs *50 grams of… Read on