Patagonia, July 16 2018

Patagonian Cooking

The vast Patagonian geography, its production, its immigrants and natives have permeated the land of the end of the world with delicious flavours. Cuisine, just like Patagonia itself, is very well differentiated in mountain range, central and coast regions. At the mountains the typical dishes are prepared on trout, salmon, deer base and some dishes were brought by the immigrants from Central Europe: Chucrut, Raclette, Fondue, and others. It also had some influence the food of the mapuches natives, the most known example is curanto. The central area has an essential element for food: lamb, it’s the same situation for the Atlantic coast that also has the presence of fish and seafood. And in Chubut they have the famous Welsh cake. Friends from all over Patagonia are already sending us their recipes, take a chance, cook them and if you have any suggestion do not hesitate to contact us.

Cognac Lamb Ribs

(Serves Six) Ingredients: – 6 lamb ribs – 3 oil spoons – 1 onion – 50 g. butter – 2 carrots – 2 spoons Ketchup sauce – 100 g. champignons or wetted dry fungi – salt and pepper – 1 … Continue reading

White Sea Bass BBQ

A very easy to fix recipe in order to enjoy by the sea, preserving all the taste of the fresh fish. Ingredients: 1 white sea bass (corvina) 200 g. butter 5 lemons’ juice Garlic Salt, pepper, laurel, marjoram Preparation: Open … Continue reading

Pickled rabbit

Nothing better than a tasty hot dish for this winter. In this occasion, we publish the recipe of the Pickled rabbit, one of the gastronomic pearls of the South, chosen by locals and tourists. Ingredients 1 big rabbit in slices … Continue reading

Baked Red Deer Quarter

Many of our visitors have requested us to include some regional recipe based on red deer, and we happily oblige. Enjoy! The Red Deer First exemplars of red deer (cervus elaphus) came from Europe and were introduced in 1904 at … Continue reading

Pork Carré with sauce of plums offers you this exceptional sweet-and-sour recipe. Ingredients: Carré of pork 1 Mustard 1 spoonful Smoked bacon 200 grs. Salt and pepper to taste Cognac 1 small gush Oil 1 small gush Sauce: Onion 1 Garlic 1 bulb Red pepper … Continue reading

Glaciar Cocktail

Another exclusive recipe from Today we propose you a special delicacy: a highball drink that will remind you, with its freshness and colors, of one of the most impressive Patagonia attractions: the Glaciers. Ingredients: Pina colada (you can replace … Continue reading

Shrimps with garlic

A classic of the mediterranean cuisine has also a place in the Patagonia. A tasty and always effective dish. Try it and you will corroborate this by yourself! Ingredients: Sea shrimps (peeled) 1/2 kg. Garlic 2 teeth Broth 1 cup … Continue reading

Fueguin spider crab

This unique regional dish is ideal to be tasted on the beginnings of autumn. Invite your senses with this recipe from the book La cocina del fin del mundo by Jesús Fernández. Ingredients Spider crab 1kg. Median onions 4. Milk … Continue reading

Christmas Cake

Christmas is here and in the South of the world imported recipes from far-off Europe flourish. Here, we propose a sweet delicacy, a legacy from German ancestors, provided by an associate from Puerto Montt, Chile. Ingredients (for 2 cakes) 9 … Continue reading

Calamari with Onions

We keep using the Recipe Guide of Erotic Patagonia by René Casamiquela. This month’s proposal includes sea fruit, a typical Atlantic Patagonia product. It is really simple; try it without delay and enjoy it with all your senses. Ingredients: 1 … Continue reading

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