Patagonian Cooking

Octopus (from San Antonio Oeste) in cognac

Taken from the book Guide to Erotic Recipes from Patagonia (Guia de recetas de la Patagonia Erótica), recently published by René Casamiquela. A delicacy that will add a bit of heat to the beginning of fall.


½ kilo of Octopus
1 tin of bell peppers
½ glass of cognac
1 teaspoon of Worchester Sauce
2 medium onions
1 cup of broth
1 tablespoon of tomato pure


Put the octopus in a thick aluminum pot, without water, over a low flame, and let them cook in their own juices until they are soft (about 15 minutes). Save the juice. Brown the finely cut onions in olive oil, and place the octopus (whole if they are small and cut if they are very big) and the bell peppers. Add the cognac, a splash of vinegar, a pinch of sugar, black pepper and the other ingredients, until it solidifies. Accompany this dish with rice cooked in the octopus juice.