San Antonio Oeste

Around San Antonio Oeste

This town of approximately 40,000 inhabitants is a strange place in the middle of the Patagonian desert surrounded by the sea.

The municipality is an extensive area that also includes the Port of San Antonio Este and the famous Las Grutas beaches. Its architecture is of low houses, many of them very picturesque.

San Antonio Oeste. Foto: Turismo SAO.

In the railway district, they are made of veneer or wood and they are  worth visiting. Another site of great interest is the Jacobacci Museum, home to the museum of natural and anthropological sciences of the Patagonian coast. Its rooms are dedicated to exhibitions of geology, paleontology, marine biology, archeology and local ethnography.

One of its busiest beaches is “La Mar Grande“, its name is due to the fact that at low tide there is a large beach. It is also worth visiting the “la Marea” beaches and its fishing pier and Punta Verde.

San Antonio Oeste. Foto: Turismo SAO.