2020 Patagonia Solar Eclipse

On December 14, 2020 a new solar eclipse took place in part of Patagonia Argentina and Chile. It was also seen in Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and the adjacent oceans, but not in full. What is an eclipse? A solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the Moon interposes between the Earth and… Read on

This is a train hold up!

The Old Patagonian Express Railway adds yet another attraction to its tourist circuit. On one hot January afternoon, the passengers who had boarded the train looked out their windows and saw a group of men on horseback, with their faces masked in bandanas, just like the bandits of the old West. They rode closer to the… Read on

Patagonian Lamb: a Trade Mark

The meat of the Patagonian lamb is a new star of international cuisine. There are many reasons for why this has occurred. On one hand, it offers the best price on the international market due to the current exchange rate to the Peso. On the other hand, its quality is superb and enjoys the status by… Read on

Holidays in Argentina, all year round

Cataratas de Iguazu

Traveling to Argentina has become a trend among many tourists in the world and today is, more than ever, an excellent option for your next vacation. A properly designed tour of Argentina allows travelers to experience a variety of landscapes in a few days ranging from a tropical climate like the one at Iguazú Falls… Read on

Estancias along Route 40

La Serena Location Services Season Ruta Pcial.43, on the shore of Lake Buenos Aires, 29 km. from Perito Moreno town towards Los Antiguos TE:(02963) 42340 Lodging: 2 double rooms (one in the main house), 4 triple and 1 quadruple bedrooms with private bathroom.  Gastronomy: typical dishes or excellent home made European cuisine. Activities: organic vegetable… Read on

Estancias in the coast of Patagonia

Hill Station-Los Pozos Location Services Season 64 km. from Río Gallegos, over the north margin The estancia is dedicated to the breeding of cattle and horses, thus there is the possibility of taking four or five hour horse rides in order to catch sight of autochthonous flora and fauna, accompanied always by the Halliday Family…. Read on

Estancias at Patagonia’s Plateau

Tapi Aike Location Services Season On Ruta Pcial.7, 100 meters from Ruta Nac.40 Lodging: 4 double rooms, two of them with private bathroom and 2 doubles in the guest house. Full board service, beverages included. Gastronomy: home made meals, dishes with ingredients produced in the estancia, several kinds of roasted meat and Patagonian roasted lamb…. Read on

Estancias at Andean Patagonia

La Maipú Location Services Season On the south bank of Lake San Martín, 220 Km. from El Chaltén TE:(02966)422613 Lodging: breakfast included. Gastronomy: Home made meals- typical Patagonian dishes and crossed spits-, Argentinean wines, sweet delicacies, cakes and different kinds of fruits.   Activities: horse riding, fishing, bird watching, trekking through the Lenga’s woods and visits… Read on

Steam treasure

La Trochita at Esquel - Foto: Libros de viaje

Patagonia is always seducing, with its large extensions, its magical scenery of plateaus, sea, mountains, lakes and rivers. But also with its affectionate people and with a few non-natural attractions, as is the case of the Old Patagonian Express, better known as “La Trochita”. This 1922 picturesque steam train receives this name because of its… Read on