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Things to do with kids in Patagonia

Patagonia Argentina is one of the most recommended areas for traveling with the family’s small ones. At any time of the year you can find a lot of family-friendly attractions and activities. Besides seeing animals such as seals, penguins  and whales, you can practice outdoor sports such as hiking, diving or skiing.

Nature, culture and fun are the perfect combination to make a trip to Argentina a memorable holiday with your children in Patagonia.

Playing facing Beagle Channel - Ushuaia - End of the World

Playing facing Beagle Channel – Ushuaia – End of the World

End of the World’s Train: One of the most recommended activities to do with children is to ride on the southernmost railway on Earth: the Train of the End of the World.

Although in fact it was created to transport firewood and supplies to the Ushuaia Jail, today it serves to connect this town with Tierra del Fuego National Park .

In addition, the route offers stunning views all along the journey, and it is considered one of the  most charming trains in Patagonia.

Perito Moreno Glacier: Those who want a unique vacation experience in Patagonia, should definitely visit the most famous glacier of the world: the Perito Moreno.

A suitable tour for the whole family is the tour to Glacier”s catwalks, an ideal spot for a picnic, hiking and, why not, organize with your children a photo contest to see who can best capture the breakdown of the ice wall!

Another option is to walk over the glacier. In this case you have to take a short navigation, while on the go passengers can see the breathtaking sight offered by this gem of nature.

But this ice trekking excursion is only for kids over 10 years old and used to hiking.

A panoramic view of the Perito Moreno Glacier from the walkways

A panoramic view of the Perito Moreno Glacier from the walkways

The ‘Ecocenter’ in Puerto Madryn. Those tourists who stay near Puerto Madryn should dedicate one day to visit the ‘Ecocenter’, a place that attempts to acquaint visitors with  the importance of the marine world through various exhibitions and activities for the whole family.

A way for the ‘kids’ to learn all the secrets of the sea and oceans as they play, touch and have fun.

Puerto Madryn "Ecocenter"

Puerto Madryn “Ecocenter”

See Whales! If there is an animal that appeal to both children and adults are the enormous whales that reach this southernmost part of the world.

We mean the Southern Right Whales, which are possible to be watched from the beaches of “El Doradillo”, near Puerto Madryn, from May to October.

Whales are very sociable and come very close to the coast so it’s a good idea to rent bikes and go with the family to skirt the coast.

Boat trips for whale watching are also organized from Puerto Pirámides, Valdés Peninsula. Perfect for a fun-packed family day out!

Waiting for whales at El Doradillo beaches - Puerto Madryn

Waiting for whales at El Doradillo beaches – Puerto Madryn

Excursion with penguins. And if whales are not enough to surprise the children, there is no better way for complete enjoyment in the area than the Punta Tombo excursion, an option to walk escorted by hundreds of penguins. Penguins season runs from September to March.

But if you travel during the second half of September you will witness the ‘Penguins eve’, the time when these cute birds reach the coasts to nest on its beaches.

There, it is possible to explore the interpretive center to learn more secrets of these animals, hiking or even horseback riding.

Mimicking the Penguins - Punta Tombo - Patagonia Argentina

Mimicking the Penguins – Punta Tombo – Patagonia Argentina

Paleontological Museum. Arriving in the city of Trelew you can visit one of the most important cultural centers of the South American continent: Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio.

With the tour of the Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic and Precambrian eras, children will discover the species that lived millions of years ago on Earth; the display of dinosaurs is usually the one that most surprises the whole family.

Dinos at Egidio Feruglio Museum - Trelew - Patagonia Argentina

Dinos at Egidio Feruglio Museum – Trelew – Patagonia Argentina



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