Patagonia, January 21 2020
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My skiing debut

Desde luego, es un amigo mío...

Professional adventurer, our columnist Mariano Fern√°ndez Soler tells us his experience the first time he slipped on a pair of skis. Read this note, you will have fun and you will surely be encouraged to discover the infinite pleasure of … Continue reading

This is a train hold up!

Train "La Trochita"

The Old Patagonian Express Railway adds yet another attraction to its tourist circuit. On one hot January afternoon,¬†the passengers who had boarded the train looked out their windows and saw a group of men on horseback, with their faces masked … Continue reading

Where to travel during summer in Argentina?

Teatro Colón

In summer, Argentina, offers many and varied options to enjoy. Its extensive territory contains a great wealth of landscapes, climates and emotions to experience. Today we offer a short list of emblematic destinations that you can combine according to the … Continue reading

Our family trip to Patagonia

Parte de nuestro grupo, extasiado frente al lago Argentino.

We are from Spain and wanted to set up a family travel itinerary, together with a group of Argentine friends, to the deepest Patagonia. Traveling grupally with friends or family requires much more planning than doing it alone or as … Continue reading

Steam treasure

La Trochita en la estación de Esquel - Foto: Libros de viaje

Patagonia is always seducing, with its large extensions, its magical scenery of plateaus, sea, mountains, lakes and rivers. But also with its affectionate people and with a few non-natural attractions, as is the case of the Old Patagonian Express, better … Continue reading

Things to do with kids in Patagonia

Jugando frente al Canal Beagle - Ushuaia - Fin del Mundo

Patagonia Argentina is one of the most recommended areas for traveling with the family‚Äôs small ones. At any time of the year you can find a lot of family-friendly attractions and activities.¬†Besides seeing animals such as seals, penguins ¬†and whales, … Continue reading

Account of the beatification

Alumnos y maestros del colegio Ceferino Namuncur√°

This text was submitted by a group of students from an elementary school from Greater Buenos Aires. It is a Salesian school named precisely ‚ÄúCeferino Namuncur√°‚ÄĚ. They traveled especially for the beatification and this is their report from the point … Continue reading

(Espa√Īol) Una mirada sobre Puerto Madryn

(Espa√Īol) Pasaporte al fin del mundo

Parque Nacional de Tierra del Fuego

San Pedro, an oasis in the middle of the desert

Laguna altipl√°nica

  San Pedro de Atacama es un acierto. Nacido de las entra√Īas de la cultura atacame√Īa, este pueblo chileno es elegido cada a√Īo por miles de visitantes que llegan atra√≠dos por sus extraordinarias bellezas naturales como salares, m√©danos, lagunas y … Continue reading