Patagonia, December 3 2020
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San Pedro de Atacama

Laguna altiplánica

San Pedro de Atacama is definitely a good idea. Born from the core of the pre-Columbian Atacamean culture, this chilean town is chosen every year by thousands of visitors lured by its extraordinary natural wonders, such as salt flats, small … Continue reading

Anecdotes from Villa La Angostura

Centro de Villa La Angostura

Travelogues stimulate and help us in case of being in similar situations. What should we do when arriving to a new place and are so anxious that we do not know where to begin? Marina Ollari describes her trip and … Continue reading

The Northwest region through a traveler’s eyes

Ruta 41

Sometimes what we see is so breathtaking and our travel experiences are so overwhelming that it’s not enough to remember alone- we need to share it with the world. This is the view of a traveler, an adventurer, a woman … Continue reading

Por la Cordillera de los Andes en bicicleta

Paisaje de El Bolsón, cuando comienza el viaje

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Touring the Seven Lakes Road on a bike

A orillas del Espejo, en bici

Touring the 7 Lakes Road, an icon of the Andean Patagonia, on a good bicycle is a wonderful experience. Our collaborator, Sergio Berman, recalls his journey and invites us to take it too. The landscapes of Patagonia dazzle those who … Continue reading

Travesía en el Lago y el Cerro Falkner

Acceso al camping Lago Falkner - Camino de los 7 Lagos

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Fall trekking: Shelter Italia and Laguna Negra

Sendero al refugio, a 1200 metros snm.

Every season has its own particular charm and Fall is an outbreak of colors. Furthermore when it’s about venturing a little into the heart of the Patagonic Andes. Let B.S. Melina Paoloni lead you through this Bariloche path…. This trekking … Continue reading

Touring the Lakes on a bike

Camino de los Siete Lagos

For those of us who really enjoy photography, touring Argentina becomes fascinating since, besides enjoying all the unique landscapes its geography offers, at the moment of taking a picture we can bring home a bit of its charm. One typical … Continue reading

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