Family vacations in Argentina

Traveling through Argentina with the whole family needs a bit of planning about what type of tour is the most convenient for your group. And as in this case children, adults and grandparents travel together, setting up the ideal itinerary through Argentina trying to combine interests that are usually quite diverse requires some prior investigation.

Now that Argentina is in your family travel plans, what you need to know is that it will be an unforgettable trip where there will be landscapes -of those that are not forgotten- along with a lot of history, diversity and above all, culture. Traveling from the sophisticated and seductive Buenos Aires, to Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia, and the Iguazú Falls in the Northeast of the country, is not something that poses any problem if you are able to correctly organize the sequence of destinations for your family vacations in Argentina.

For those traveling with children, teenagers or the elderly, the main thing to know is that tourism in Argentina is well prepared for all types of visitors and needs at all main destinations. Both the accommodation facilities as well as the attractions and excursions, if correctly chosen, will guarantee that you and your family group can fully enjoy the best  Argentinian experience.

Plan and schedule a trip through Argentina

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires hosts the most beautiful bookstore in the world

It is very likely that you and your family enter the country through the fantastic city of Buenos Aires, this being a first opportunity to know the true spirit of the capital of Tango. It is the main gateway city to South America and offers a wide range of possibilities: from its cultural and architectural diversity, to theater and musical plays that are recognized worldwide, and of course sports. Cradle of great writers, soccer players and great and immortalized artists of Tango, Buenos Aires invites tourists to a cosmopolitan experience as only the great Capital Cities of the world offer. Really.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

Located in the Northeast end of the country bordering Brazil, and belonging to the Iguazú National Park, they are within the scope of sight and even one’s body, given the fact that contact with the waters of the Iguazú Falls is indeed possible. This is true whether your group buys additional excursions (such as navigations below the level of the Devil’s Throat fall, catamaran rides, etc.) as if you only want to visit with your family the famous walkways that cover much from the park and that are placed just a few meters from the waterfalls. And of course it is essential to take the ride on the tourist train that runs in the jungle on the Argentine side, which is a delight for children and for the not so young too. In short, in Iguazú the experience will be unique and pleasurable, always.

Book a trip to Patagonia

When you are starting to set up a trip through Argentina, there are places that shouldn’t be missing from your list. To the south of the country it is possible to visit mythical Patagonia, and among the must-see places that are part of this region, we must highlight:


San Carlos de Bariloche
San Carlos de Bariloche

The capital city of the Andean lakes and its surroundings offers beauty wherever you look. The activities that can not be missed when preparing your trip to Bariloche are: to visit Campanario Hill, from where you get the best views of the city, lakes and neighboring hills, with the possibility of ascending to the viewpoints by chairlift or by foot; the small circuit with Llao Llao, surrounded by beautifully dazzling landscapes, can be traveled by car, bicycle or even walking; the Otto hill, with its rotating bar at the top, where you get to by using its cable car. And finally, the most traditional and essential excursion, that is the visit to Victoria Island and the Arrayanes Forest navigating Lake Nahuel Huapi. Those who have an extra day should definitely travel the Seven Lakes Road, another classic in the area. Its name says it all.

Among the various activities that can be done in Bariloche, we highlight the possibility of skiing in winter, hiking, take a beer tour, taste chocolates… along with many other sports and gastronomic activities.

Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdés

How about a stroll escorting Penguins?

In Argentina contact with natural environments, and the activities in relation to them, are the most recommended experiences. Saving a part of your travel time (some three days) to visit Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdés area to discover the marine fauna they have to offer, is essential if the tourist wants to really know in depth the treasures related to the wildlife of Argentina.

In the Valdés Peninsula it is possible to observe the natural habitat of killer whales, dolphins, sea wolves and elephant seals, penguins and mainly the famous Southern Right whale from a very close distance. It is a territory declared a World Heritage by UNESCO since 1999, and a must-see in your Argentine journey.

El Calafate and Perito Moreno Glacier

The Perito Moreno Glacier

Undoubtedly, another must visit by those who travel to Argentina, is the town of El Calafate which is the gateway to the Perito Moreno Glacier (also a UNESCO World Heritage site). Famous for being one of the few glaciers that is in equilibrium and not melting, this wonder of nature is located within the Glaciers National Park, where you can also observe many other glaciers, such as the Spegazzini and the Upsala, among the best known ones. Having the possibility to enjoy a full day of navigation between huge masses of ice adrift and water of incredible colors, and even hiking on top of Perito Moreno glacier, can be a one-time event in one’s life,  that is only possible by traveling to southern Patagonia.

Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego

Ushuaia – The city at the Southernmost tip of South America

Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego, offers tourists the possibility of being in a location of the planet that is unique, since it is historically considered the southernmost city in the world. Located in the southern tip of South America, once there it is possible to tour the famous Beagle Channel and see the lighthouse Les Eclaireurs. Also, to discover the stories of infamous prisoners sent to jail to the end of the world (the Jail is now a Museum in downtown Ushuaia), trekking to the Martial and Vinciguerra glaciers and to the Emerald Lagoon. And of course to take the Tierra del Fuego National Park Tour combining with a ride in the mythical Train of the End of the World.

Discovering Argentina means contacting the nature and culture of a country which offers unbelievable beautiful tourist experiences. Taking a trip to Argentina with children, teenagers or older adults is actually a very good idea as people of all ages find it a comprehensive destination (attraction-wise). Attention should only be paid to the fact that the distances between the iconic Argentine attractions such as Patagonia and Iguazu are remarkable, so it is recommended to consider the plane as a preferred means of transportation. It is also important to plan the most convenient order of the itinerary for the various tourist destinations to be visited.

Finally keep in mind that the knowledge and professionalism of the tour guides and providers of excursions, along with the perfect selection of accommodations, are of paramount importance during your journey through Argentina. In all cases  unless really there is plenty of time for deep online research and self-planning, contacting a reputable and preferably argentine based travel agency with true knowledge of Argentina to design a customized vacation package is the best option when traveling this far from home with your family or in a group with friends.