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9 places to tour Argentina during winter

June till late September is winter in the southern hemisphere and Argentina offers the best options for Tourism.

Caminata con raquetas en Calafate Mountain Park - Foto Calafate Mountain Park
Snowshoeing in Calafate Mountain Park – Photo Calafate Mountain Park

From the Tropic of Capricorn, in the northwest, to the end of the world and the gateway to Antarctica, the vastness of Argentina offers an immense wealth of landscapes, climates and sensations.

We will in this article highlight 9 top tourist destinations in Argentina worth to visit: dare to combine them according to your liking and plan your upcoming trip to Argentina.

Buenos Aires: Culture, Cafés and Tango

Tango en San Telmo - Buenos Aires
Tango in San Telmo – Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the great Capital Cities of the World (the third one in terms of cultural offering after London and New York City), with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a European style that differentiates it from other Latin American capitals. A city to be thoroughly explored, stopping at its famous “bares” (cafés), visit the plazas and parks, have a night of tango and eat the best beef in the world. To visit its main attractions you will ideally need a stay of -at least- 3 nights.

Salta and The Valleys Route: Pure Nature and premium wines

Catedral de Salta - Foto Patagonia Argentina
Salta’s Cathedral – Photo Patagonia Argentina

Salta, in the northwest corner, crossed by the Tropic of Capricorn, keeps an important part of the history of the country, linking it to the “deep Latin America”. La Quebrada de Humahuaca, mythical and ancestral, invites you to explore its route of Inca towns amidst multicolored hills. And the Calchaqui valleys, with its high end vineyards, impose the compulsory visit to Cafayate, pure pleasure of sun and fine wines. If you want to do both tours we recommend a stay of 4 nights.

El Calafate and the eternal glaciers: The nearby ancient ice

Vista de la pared sur del Glaciar Perito Moreno - Navegación Minitrekking - Foto Patagonia Argentina
South wall of the Moreno Glacier – Photo Patagonia Argentina

The Perito Moreno Glacier is unique in the world for several reasons. number one, it  continues to advance in an era of glacial retreat and number two it is accessible throughout the year given the fact it is in an area where weather is not not as cold as it should. During winter you can enjoy the tour of the runways and the approaching navigations without the summer crowds and also have fun in the new mountain park, with activities such as snowshoeing, hiking, moto snow, snowbiking, among others. For visiting the Glaciers National Park and to also be able to enjoy the surroundings of El Calafate you will need at least a 3 nights stay, or a bare minimum of 2 to at least visit the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Ushuaia: Skiing and adventure

Snowbanana para la diversión de toda la familia - Ushuaia
Snowbananas: family fun guaranteed – Ushuaia

World’s End dresses in white for the longest ski season in the hemisphere! With a next generation winter sports center, for many years now Ushuaia is a destination sought after by lovers of winter sports. Downhill skiing and skiing, snowboarding, sledding huskies, snowshoeing, night trips with torches, the list is endless. In winter many people choose to plan a full week in Ushuaia (the ski week), but if you just want to know the city, the Tierra del Fuego National Park and sail through the Beagle Channel you can opt for a 3 nights stay.

Puerto Madryn and Trelew: Whales, Dinos and Welsh Culture

Dinos en el hall de acceso al MEF - Trelew - Patagonia Argentina
Dinos at the hallway of MEF – Trelew – Patagonia Argentina

Winter marks the beginning of the season of whale watching in the area of Peninsula Valdes. Still without the troubles of peak season, all watching departures are available. Along with traditional sailings departing from Puerto Piramide, each year it becomes more  and more important the coastal watching from the El Doradillo beach: take this into account. If traveling with children, you can not miss the Eco Centre in Puerto Madryn and Feruglio Museum in Trelew, two places which by the way are highly recommended for all ages. And being so close to Gaiman and not going to have the Welsh Tea in one of its traditional Tea houses would be almost a crime, so you need a stay of at least 3 nights in this destination on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Iguazú Falls: A Wonder of the World

Navegación Aventura Náutica, para acercarse a las Cataratas - Foto Patagonia Argentina
Iguazu Falls, a World Wonder – Photo Patagonia Argentina

The Iguazu Falls are the star of winter tourism in Argentina for those who want a bit of warm weather. Located in the middle of subtropical forest, cold days are very rare. And to walk the trails and balconies without the scorching heat of summer is a real pleasure indeed! Note that the hike to the falls on the Argentine side will take all day, so if you also wish to cross borders to know the Brazilian side and enjoy some of the adventure activities in the forest you will need 3 nights.

Bariloche: Capital of Snow and Lakes in the Andes

Refugio Neumeyer - Bariloche - Foto Turismo de Bariloche
Refugio Neumeyer – Bariloche – Photo Tourism bureau of Bariloche

Undoubtedly, Bariloche is the traditional winter destination in Argentina. Ski centers are the largest and most comprehensive ones in the country. The snow is very close to the city so you need not go that far to put on your skis. The surrounding landscapes are heavenly. Besides, the chocolate, beer and a whole delicatessen food will be waiting to make your stay in Bariloche unforgettable. What else could you ask for? Stay options ranging from traditional ski weeks to shorter ones, just to test the snow and sightsee the city. Recommended Minimum: 3 nights.

Mendoza: Wines and Snow at America’s highest peaks

Centro de esquí Penitentes - Mendoza - Foto Penitentes web
Penitentes Ski resort – Mendoza – Photo Penitentes web

The land of sun and good wine adds to its attractiveness the  snow during the winter. While ski resorts here are a bit further away from the city, there are excellent services leaving from the city center and where you can hire several options: activities on the way to the mountain, equipment rental, ski lessons, etc. And of course, Mendoza has an added charm: the elegance of its pedestrian streets, the superbly-maintained parks, a cultural life and the country’s best wines to taste! If you have time to try a little of each of these options, we recommend a minimum stay of 4 nights.

Esquel: Among lakes, snow and 150 years of Welsh colonization

Cerro La Hoya - Esquel - Patagonia Argentina (Foto Cerro La Hoya)
La Hoya – Esquel – Patagonia Argentina (Photo Cerro La Hoya)

In a very special corner of the Andean region, this town of friendly microclimate, is gaining more followers every year. The ski resort La Hoya has built lifts and incorporated latest technology to give visitors an unforgettable experience in the snow. And by their “natural design”, slopes are protected from the sun which makes the quality of the snow to remain longer in good conditions. In addition to snow, Esquel enables the visitor to make a journey back in time, aboard La Trochita, the legendary narrow gauge train (75 cm.) declared a National Historic Landmark. And one more option, that not everyone knows but that a restless traveler can not miss: a tour through the traces of the Welsh: Trevelin, Nant Fach flour mill, the Nant y Fall waterfalls, the chapels. Esquel is also a door to the Andean Region of Parallel 42, a real dream location in the world. We recommend the minimum stay to be 3-4 nights.