How to pack for Bariloche ?

Bariloche is a destination to visit all year long and as such the weather conditions differ from one season to another. Know how to get your luggage ready.

If in winter bear in mind that Bariloche is the national capital of winter sports. Snow will be waiting for you so, carry a warm waterproof jacket, gloves and cap. Also boots with nonslip soles and several pairs of socks because it is very possible to get wet during excursions.

Note also that while the weather is cold interiors are very heated, so the recommendation is to dress “like an onion”, i.e., in layers.

In summer the days are mild and usually sunny. You may even enjoy a swim in the lake! But always remember to carry something warm as well, since at nights temperature drops quite noticeably.

And both in summer and winter never forget your sunglasses and a good sunscreen.

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