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How to get to Bariloche?

If you wish to visit this magnificent place in the Argentine Patagonia, here’s how to get around.

Many means of transportation will take you there: several bus companies connect Bariloche with the whole rest of Argentina and Chile, and regular flights serve different destinations in the country as well as in Brazil and Chile. Besides, there is a railway service departing from Viedma, which allows to enjoy the unique Patagonian landscapes, because it crosses an area called “LĂ­nea Sur” (southern line) in the Province of RĂ­o Negro.


For those who travel by car there are two options departing from Buenos Aires:

The road between Villa La Angostura and Bariloche

1) You have to follow this route itinerary: “Acceso Oeste” Highway , National Route NÂș5, NR NÂș35, NR NÂș152, Provincial Route NÂș20 (“Desert Route”), NR NÂș151 and NR NÂș237.

2) You have to follow this route itinerary: Ricchieri Highway, Autopista del Sur Highway, NR NÂș3, NR NÂș22 and NR NÂș237.

Distances in kilometers from San Carlos de Bariloche

Buenos Aires 1621
San MartĂ­n de Los Andes 180
Comodoro Rivadavia 840
CĂłrdoba 1588
El Calafate 1449
El BolsĂłn 126
Esquel 272
Neuquen 443
Puerto Madryn 745
Rawson 909
RĂ­o Gallegos 1663
RĂ­o Grande 1960
San Antonio Oeste 654
Trelew 890
Ushuaia 2178
Viedma 821
Santa Rosa