The Trochita, a unique steam train in the world

Estación El Maitén

Riding in a 1922 steam train to travel across the Patagonian steppe up to the Andes is a unique feeling that you can make real in Patagonia Argentina . The Trochita is a 1922 steam train that runs through Patagonia Argentina along ​​402 kilometers. Currently it operates as a regular tourist train in 20 kilometer… Read on

Money and glamour in Patagonia

In the last few decades,  Argentine Patagonia has experienced an unprecedented real estate boom. Many rich personalities have acquired huge estancias, great mansions and built unbelievable houses. Villa La Angostura is one of these sought after places by magnates, artists, politicians and businessmen. The Cumelén Country Club is a very exclusive place situated only 3 km. from… Read on