Patagonia, September 24 2020
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Patagonian Curiosities

Harry Potter in Argentina

Mundial de Quidditch 2014 - Patagonia Argentina

FROM THE CORRIDORS OF HOGWARTS TO THE END OF THE WORLD During last July Patagonia Argentina hosted the World Cup of Quidditch, as published by JK Rowling in the page, which is followed by fans worldwide. On Friday July … Continue reading

Biggest Dinosaur on Earth found in Patagonia

Femur of the world's largest dinosaur in the MEF

Remains of a dinosaur were found in Chubut territory. It is the biggest in the world. Researchers at the Museo Egidio Feruglio (MEF ), Trelew, found the nearly complete remains of the largest dinosaur skeleton found so far in the World with … Continue reading

The Trochita, a unique steam train in the world

Estación El Maitén

Riding in a 1922 steam train to travel across the Patagonian steppe up to the Andes is a unique feeling that you can make real in Patagonia Argentina . The Trochita is a 1922 steam train that runs through Patagonia … Continue reading

The City of Caesars: The Abandoned Fort

Vista aérea  del Fuerte

An Argentine foundation is studying the relationship between the rocky plateau known as the Fort and the Knight Templars’ alleged adventures in the American continent with the secret mission of protecting the Holy Grail. A believe-it-or-not story.   At 41º … Continue reading

Nazi Submarines in Caleta de los Loros?

Vista aérea de Caleta de los Loros

Human beings are generally not aware that the world is in movement. But at the feet of present time History continues weaving its web, its myths and legends. National Socialism was a historical reality, but around this reality myths -a … Continue reading

Viedma’s Lighthouse and Library: 120 years old

Vista panorámica de Viedma

They are two symbols of civilization that have been founded at the same time, just like the lighthouse and the mythical library of Alexandria. They are two traces of past knowledge, which continue working for future wisdom. This year was … Continue reading

The Nahuelito Enigma

Avistaje del Nessie patagónico

Reality or fiction? A reliable observation or a clever joke? Once again, we are faced with the dilemma of taking sides in a matter that, historically, has generated controversy. Does the aquatic creature known as Nahuelito exist in the Nahuel … Continue reading

Money and glamour in Patagonia

In the last few years, the Argentine Patagonia has experienced an unprecedented real estate boom. Many rich personalities have acquired huge estancias, great mansions and built unbelievable houses. Villa La Angostura is one of these sought after places by magnates, artists, politicians and … Continue reading

Far West Bandits

Sundance y Etta en pleno trabajo

The story of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid in Patagonia could well have been taken out from a Hollywood Western production of the 50’s. However, it was not, though much talk was made about the adventures of these two legendary … Continue reading

Butch Cassiddy & Sundance Kid In Patagonia

Butch Cassidy

The famous bandits were in Argentine Patagonia in the beginning of the twentieth century; such a legend has been debated in a symposium in Trevelin, town located in the Andean area of the Province of Chubut. Last September, “The Second … Continue reading

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