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NatGeo: Patagonia is the best place for Whale Watching

This is the conclusion reached by the experts at National Geographic after conducting a survey about the places in the world where one can spot these huge cetaceans.

Avistaje de ballenas francas australes - Puerto Madryn - Patagonia Argentina

Southern Right Whale watching – Puerto Madryn – Patagonia Argentina

The list also included places in South Africa, USA, Brazil and California among others.

The great advantage of Puerto Piramides and the entire area of the Peninsula Valdes is the ease of access to short navigations that take the traveler to the middle of the Gulf to literally join the community of whales.

Preparados para la aparición de la estrella: la Ballena Franca Austral

The Southern Right Whale is a Natural Monunent

In late May, as every year, Southern Right Whales came together in the Nuevo Gulf and thus whale watching season in Patagonia began. While navigations that set sail from Puerto Piramides remain the star of the excursions, every year more people become adept to coastal sightings as they are very frequent too. It is because whales can be seen from the beaches of El Doradillo area and also in the very waterfront of Puerto Madryn.

Esperando a las ballenas en Playa Manara - Área Doradillo

Waiting for the Whales to say “hi!” – El Doradillo Beach – Puerto Madryn

And then there’s the option of  submarine whale watching: although it has more climate restrictions than the traditional navigations, it offers a totally different experience. If you have several days in Puerto Madryn you may choose this option, knowing beforehand that there is the possibility of rescheduling because of bad weather.

Avistaje Submarino de Ballenas en Puerto Madryn - Patagonia Argentina

Submarine Whale Watching in Puerto Madryn – Patagonia Argentina

The whales will stay until December, and from September they will share their territory with the elegant Magellanic penguins, which also come to hatch their eggs and wait for their offspring to be born.

Familia de pingüinos en su nido - Punta Tombo - Patagonia Argentina

A Family of penguins at their nest – Punta Tombo – Patagonia Argentina

Valdes Peninsula: a haven of life in the heart of the Atlantic Patagonia. It is truly worth the visit!


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