Sea Lions: Features and habits

From the pinniped (sea mammals with fins and feet), the sea lions are the only ones who also have ears. The aspect of this species varies a lot according to age and sex. Adult males have very long necks covered with a thick pelage compared to the one over the rest of the body. Their snout is short… Read on

The Burrowing Parrots

A group of German researchers has closely studied the evolution of a very important colony of burrowing parrots at the El Cóndor beach, near Viedma, and discovered that its number is dramatically decreasing. One of the reasons is that local authorities do little or nothing to prevent cars from parking right on the beach. We… Read on

What is the red tide?

It is a toxic illness that is also called Paralyzed Intoxication by seafood that takes place when ingesting seafood that has eaten marine plankton which produces paralyzing poison. It is not any virus, bacteria or fungus, it is not an infection. Neither does it happen as a consequence of the exhibition of the shellfish in the… Read on

Fauna of Patagonia

Patagonia has got a rich and characteristic wildlife. The most important one is that on the coast and the continental sea. There are many animals and a noticeable diversity of species. Among the great vertebrates is the Southern Franca Whale, which can be watched from the shore, and also Orcas, dolphins and the great amphibious mammals… Read on

Flora of Patagonia

In order to describe the Patagonia flora it is necessary to distinguish the different regions within it. The part of the northern littoral containing the coast region in Rio Negro and Chubut is a transition zone between the Chaco forest and Patagonia steppe. Believe it or not, the forest vegetation in our country goes from Chaco in… Read on

Scuba diving in Puerto Madryn

In Puerto Madryn you will find everything you need for an excellent diving experience: guides, equipment, boats, safety … and the essential: a sea full of surprises like only Patagonia can offer Puerto Madryn, by tradition, by project and effort, is undoubtedly the Underwater Capital of Argentina: calm and transparent waters, varied fauna, wide places… Read on