Patagonia, November 18 2020
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Patagonian Lamb: a Trade Mark

The meat of the Patagonian lamb is a new star of international cuisine. There are many reasons for why this has occurred. On one hand, it offers the best price on the international market due to the current exchange rate to … Continue reading

Patagonian Protected Region: what is it and how to preserve it?

Naranja infectada con larvas de mosca de los frutos.

The Patagonian Protected Region has a different zoo and phytosanitary status than the rest of Argentina, which allows the commercialization of its production to the most demanding international markets. Patagonia is the only region of the Argentina  internationally recognized as … Continue reading

Patagonian Wine

Traditionally two regions of Argentina were characterized by the production of wines: Mendoza and Salta. But since not long ago wines from Patagonia have taken off and there are several wineries that have established in this region of southern Argentina. … Continue reading

Guanaco breeding: a Patagonian productive project

In recent years it has been conducted in Patagonia an interesting project related to the exploitation of the guanaco. We tell you in this article what the characteristics of these animals are, the extraordinary fineness of their fur and the … Continue reading

The Cold Region Wines

Viñedo en Añelo

In this article by Jorge Impellizzeri you’ll learn about the best wine production areas in Patagonia and the special characteristics of their wines due to the particular climate of the region. As you get familiar with the names of many … Continue reading

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