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Patagonian Wine

Traditionally two regions of Argentina were characterized by the production of wines: Mendoza and Salta. But since not long ago wines from Patagonia have taken off and there are several wineries that have established in this region of southern Argentina.

bodega_nqnThe new producing areas are located especially in the two northernmost provinces of Patagonia, Neuquén and Rio Negro, an area which until recently was focused only in the production of apples, peaches, pears and plums.

The axes of this new wine production area are in the towns of Añelo and San Patricio del Chañar, in the province of Neuquen. But there are also wineries in General Roca, Chos Malal, Fernández Oro and Viedma, in Rio Negro.

Climate is crucial to promote the wine industry as there is a wide range of temperatures, dry weather, little rain.

vinos_nqnThe interesting detail is that these new ventures have been launched to produce wines of high and medium end, known as “Cold Region Wines”.

There are a lot of grape varieties in these lands although the Merlot and Pinot Noir are the stars.

In whites, the region also has interesting proposals: Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, soft and slightly fruity.

interior_bodega_nqnExcept for three or four large wineries the rest of them are small, generally family run, with production that is slowly conquering various national and international markets.

Listing of Wineries

Neuquén Province:

Del Fin del Mundo
San Patricio del Chañar

Dos Andes Argentina

Familia Schroeder
San Patricio del Chañar

San Patricio del Chañar

Patritti Chañar

Secreto Patagónico
San Patricio del Chañar

Valle Perdido
San Patricio del Chañar

Desde la Torre
Chos Malal

San Patricio del Chañar

Río Negro Province

Chacra General Roca
General Roca

Del Río Elorza
Fernández Oro

Humberto Canale
General Roca

Gerome Marteau
Fernández Oro

General Roca