Patagonian Cuisine

Fueguin spider crab

This unique regional dish is ideal to be tasted on the beginnings of autumn. Invite your senses with this recipe from the book La cocina del fin del mundo by Jesús Fernández.


Spider crab 1kg.
Median onions 4.
Milk cream 250 grs.
Ketchup 1 spoonful.
Rice 200 grs.
Butter 50 grs.


Put the butter on a pan, add the minced onion fry lightly, add the spider crab and cook a minute, therein after add the cream, cooking two minutes more. Before removing from the flame incorporate the ketchup, mixing until getting a pink sauce. In a pot apart, boil rice (necessary quantity). Once rice is just right, put on a plate in the form of crown and add the sauce with the spider crab in its interior. Serve…