Patagonian Cuisine

Bittersweet raspberries sauce

The raspberry is a forest fruits, a fruit of an incredible tempting taste that could had been the famous one that takes Adan to damnation… In this edition a bittersweet sauce, from La cocina del fin del mundo by Jesús Fernández, with this delight as protagonist element.


Clean raspberries 1 kg.
Sugar 700 grs.
White vinegar 25 cc.
Black pepper 2 grains.


Put the raspberries in a pan, the sugar and the white vinegar, cook to strong flame, past some minutes add the pepper and cook during one hour.
*Don´t stop mixing constantly with wood spoon.
*Pack in sterilized glass, put the preparation on hot and after closed, end with autoclave or bain-marie for its better conservation.
*This sauce is special for white meats.