Patagonian Cooking

Stuffed Trout


1 Trout of two kg. (clean).
2 Onions cut in little pieces.
1 Sweet red pepper cut in slices.
3 Carrots cut in slices.
Butter 50 g.
Parsley 50 grs.
Salt, pepper and ground chilli to taste.


Put the butter on a deep frying pan, melt to middle flame then add the onion, the sweet red pepper and the carrots. Once added, fry lightly for some minutes, add the spices (pepper salt and ground chilli), mix and after two or three minutes turn out.

Then add 50 g. of minced parsley and mix. Take the trout, salt the inner part and fill it with the preparation, once done wrap everything together with aluminium paper and put it on a dish ready for the oven, or to be grilled during some 45 minutes.

It can be accompanied by potatoes and butter sauce spiced with lemon and parsley.