Patagonian Cooking

Mushroom Trout a´la Champagne

The ingredients called for in this recipe, exclusively presented on, are few in number but culinarily emblematic of Patagonia: Trout, emblematic of our lakes, a handful of dried mushrooms and some dry champagne, produced from grapes grown in the crisp air. That is all you need to enjoy the flavor of Southern Argentina.


Trout Filets, about one per person, preferably deboned.
Dried mushrooms, about 50 grams per serving.
Champagne from the cold regions—one champagne flute per person.
Port Wine: quantity needed to soak the mushrooms .
Cream: one tablespoon per filet.
Salt and pepper.


In a frying pan, brown the filets in butter, with a little salt and a generous amount of pepper. Add about a champagne flute´s worth of champagne and allow the alcohol to burn off. Then add about 50 grams of mushrooms that have already been soaked in port wine. Right before removing from the flame, add the cream.

Serve with boiled potatoes and, of course, the meal should be accompanied by an exquisite champagne from the cold regions.