Patagonian Cooking

Mushrooms in Olive Oil

We took this recipe from the book Guía de recetas de la Patagonia Erótica (Guide to Recipes from Erotic Patagonia), written by René Casamiquela. The book is a classic and the recipes always turn out well.

The author tells us that for this recipe to be perfect, it is important to get mushrooms that propagate in the fall or beginning of winter, beneath pine trees, after strong rains.


1 kg. of mushrooms
White vinegar
Olive Oil
Laurel, cloves, pepper corns, salt.


Clean the mushrooms with a brush, and not with water. Cut them in strips. Aside, pour one cup of the vinegar into a sauce pan, and the moment it begins to boil place the mushrooms in the pan and let them boil for two or three minutes. Drain the liquid and place them in glass jars with a laurel leaf, some cloves and pepper corns. Cover them in oil and place them in the refrigerator. They will be ready to eat after a few days. Delicious!