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Picklea fungi


Clean fungi (boiled in water with 20% of vinegar): 1 kg.

Garlic: 3 teeth

Median Onions (little pieces): 3

Boiled carrots cut in slices: 3

Minced sweet red pepper (previously boiled): 1

Minced sweet green pepper (previously boiled): 1

Minced spring onion (to fry lightly): 50 grs.

Salt and white pepper in grain: to taste

Bay leaf: to taste

Water: 1 cup

Vinegar: 1 cup

Grape oil: 1 cup


Put a little gush of grape oil in a pan and fry lightly the garlic, add all what is boiled: onions, fungi, carrots, sweet red pepper, sweet green pepper, spring onions. Add bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste. Put the water, vinegar and oil cups, and cook to slow flame some 10 minutes more. Mix with care. Remove.

Pack in hot in sterilized glass flask. Once covered, take to bain -marie 1/2 hour, then remove and put the flasks with the lid down, to verify that they do not lose liquid.

Published in: La cocina del fin del mundo – Patagonia y Tierra del Fuego. Recopilación de Jesús Fernández. Ed. Virreynato libros.


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