Patagonian Cuisine

Pickled rabbit

Nothing better than a tasty hot dish for this winter. In this occasion, we publish the recipe of the Pickled rabbit, one of the gastronomic pearls of the South, chosen by locals and tourists.


1 big rabbit in slices
2 big onions cut in halves
4 carrots cut in slices
2 leeks
5 bay leaves
1 lemon in slices
Parsley minced to taste
Oil 50 cc.
1 head of garlic
1 spoonful of black pepper in grain
1 spring onion in small pieces
Salt to taste


Put on a pot half of the vegetables; distribute the rabbit slices, add the laurel, the pepper, the parsley, the garlic in clove, the lemon slices and salt to taste.
Therein after incorporate the rest of the vegetables, oil and the vinegar. If it is necessary add water until covering, take to soft flame some two hours approximately. Let it rest and cool.
Serve 48 hs after.