Patagonian Cooking

White Sea Bass BBQ

A very easy to fix recipe in order to enjoy by the sea, preserving all the taste of the fresh fish.


1 white sea bass (corvina)
200 g. butter
5 lemons’ juice
Salt, pepper, laurel, marjoram


Open the fish at its back instead of the belly. Take out all the entrails and wash it. It is not necessary to remove the scales. Put the corvina over the grill on the scales side, make sure the heat is mellow.

Meanwhile, melt the butter and add the lemon juice, the triturated garlic and the spices. Use the resulting sauce to varnish the fish while it’s being roasted.

Do not turn over the fish. When the skin gets separated from the flesh it means it is ready to enjoy.

(From the book “Guía Patagónica, recetas y otras yerbas”)