Patagonian Cuisine

Salmon Pate


Salmon  without skin and thorns 1 kg.

Mayonnaise 1 kg.

Garlic 1 clove (without the center)

Leaves of fresh basil 2

Squeezed lemon 1

Salt – pepper (to taste)


Put the salmon on a baker dish, cook in oven to strong flame (necessary time 45 minutes) meanwhile boil the lemon juice, together with the garlic and the two leaves of fresh basil for some minutes.

Past the boiling time and in cold, put the cut salmon in the mixer, add the mayonnaise and the obtained juice from the boiled of the juice of the lemon with the garlic and the basil, process until getting soft paste, free of uniform grumes; relish with salt and pepper to taste, keep processing to mix well the spices. Remove, put in a pot in the refrigerator.