Patagonian Cooking

Marinated Sea bass with basil

Nothing better than a good fish prepared with the magic of the End of the World’s cooking. This is a course of easy preparation and ideal for any season of the year.


1 kg of sea bass
50 grs of minced basil
2 Chopped hard-boiled eggs
4 Eggs
1 lemon
Oregano, salt and pepper


Clean the fish, removing the thorns that are found, then cut it in median slices. Season to taste an put them on a bowl. With the previously beaten eggs, add the minced basil. The grated lemon rind and half of juice. Let soak a half hour. Therein after put enough flour in a pot and pass the slices by both sides. Constantly go frying in boling oil. Let it drain and serve with bitter lettuce of the zone, relished with salt and lemon.