Patagonian Cooking

Welsh cakes

We have already presented the recipe of the welsh cake prepared in the patagonian style. Now we double the bet and bring to you the welsh cakes as cooked in the british country. They also have also a good number of followers in our lands. We are very grateful to Alison Sears from Wales for this valuable contribution.


350 grs. plain flour
175 grs. cold margarine
175 grs. oz sugar
100 grs. currants
A good half teaspoon grated nutmeg
2 eggs
Teaspoon baking powder


Cut margarine up into small squares. In a large bowl mix flour and margarine together to resemble breadcrumbs. Add sugar, currants and nutmeg. Beat the eggs and add slowly into the mixture until the mix holds together. Roll out on floured board to approximately 1 cm thick and cut with a round cutter (approx 6 cm in diameter). Bake on greased heavy-bottomed baking sheet (on hob, not oven) turning over as required. Cool on cooling rack.