Patagonian Cuisine

Cookies of honey and algarraobo (locust)

A recipe of the book La cocina del fin del mundo by Jesús Fernandez, with the especial flavors of honey and “algarrobo”(locust), perfect to enjoy in spring time.

Flour 1 kg.
Water 250 cc.
Honey 100grs.
Black sugar 250 grs.
Malt 100 grs.
Margarine oil 150 grs.
Ammonium bicarbonate 15 grs.
Locust flour 10 grs.

Boil the water, the sugar and the malt in a saucepan, until dissolving. Allow to cool.
Mix and knead all the ingredients to get a soft dough.
Allow the dough rest during 2 hs.; then knead slowly so not open up and stretch until achieving the wanted thickness.
Cut the cookies with a mould of very sharp foil; put in a buttered foil or with margarine oil.
Bake 30 minutes at a 160ª C temperature.