Patagonian Cuisine

Mushroom Terrine

Scents of land, deep freshness of Patagonian woods and smooth foam consistence, are the highlights of this regional dish. Ideal for the upcoming season.


150 grs. of dry mushrooms
200 grs. of fresh mushrooms
100 grs. of butter
1 chopped onion
2 chopped shallots
5 eggs
200 grs. of cream cheese
150 grs. of cream
1 envelope of jelly without flavour


Wet and chopp the dry mushrooms, chop the fresh mushrooms (keep some small ones).

Fry the onion and shallots, add the fresh mushrooms. Take off the heat and add the dry ones, the cheese and the jelly mixed tith the cream. Add the eggs one by one and the salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Steam in a rectangular pan that has been buttered for 40 mts. When ready let it cool off and serve with a green salad and a bearnesse sauce.

From the book Comer en Patagonia / Eating in Patagonia, by Javier Perret and Mónica Bonfico.