Patagonian Cuisine

Shrimps with garlic

A classic of the mediterranean cuisine has also a place in the Patagonia. A tasty and always effective dish. Try it and you will corroborate this by yourself!


Sea shrimps (peeled) 1/2 kg.
Garlic 2 teeth
Broth 1 cup
Sweet paprika 1 spoonful
Dry white wine 1 glass
Olive oil 1 spoonful
Salt and pepper to taste


Put on a pot a small gush of olive oil, heat, add the very small minced garlics. Gild. Incorporate the shrimps, the white wine, the salt and the pepper to taste. Put in the flame until the alcohol is evaporated. Add the broth, the sweet paprika and cook to middle flame during 4 to 5 minutes.


Accompany with noissete potatoes.