Patagonian Cuisine

Lamb loin in sage


1 Whole loin
2 Large onions
2 Glasses of red wine
1 Cup of breadcrumbs
Parsley, sage
2 Garlic cloves
30 grs of almonds
3 Eggs
50 grs of grated cheese


  • Bone and trim of most of the fat keeping the shape of the meat. Coat with salt and pepper and put in a saucepan with the diced onions, the wine and a glass of water. Cook for 20 minutes in a hot oven.
  • Meanwhile, chop 2 bunches of parsley and about 10 sage leaves. In a food processor, process these herbs with the breadcrumbs, almonds, eggs, cheese and garlic.
  • Coat the meat with this sage cream and finish cooking in a hot oven.
  • Keep the meat in a warm place, add water to the saucepan and make a gravy. Add some sage leaves.
  • Carve and serve with gravy. It goes well with baked or fried potatoes.