Patagonian Cuisine

Lamb leg with bacon


1 Big lamb leg
200 grs. of smoked bacon
100 grs. of Roquefort cheese
100.grs. of milk cream
Parsley and pepper
Ground chili, salt and paprika


Beat well the lamb leg, remove the nerves if necessary and the bone in the center as well. Lard the leg with the bacon cut in slices.
Let soak for about 3 hours. Season and cover the surface of the prey with paprika. Put it on a roasting pan. Put to cook over hot fire and turn it every now and then. Let cook for about an hour. Remove from the oven and change to a new roasting pan, previously rapped with aluminum paper, powder the leg with ground chili. Add the milk cream and the Roquefort well distributed in small pieces. Close the package with the aluminum. Accompany with gourd mash or carrots glace.