Patagonian Cooking

Cheese roll with mussels

The sea is always a source of richness, and that applies also in the gastronomic field. In this opportunity, it marvels us at a tasty roll very well seasoned

Ingredients for the pastry:

20 full spoonfuls of flour
25 grs. of yeast
1 spoonful of butter or oil
Warm milk (neccesary quantity)
1 spoonful of salt

Ingredients for the stuffed:

1/4 kg. of precooked mussels
2 big onions, cut in little pieces and fried lightly in butter
1/2 kg. of fresh cheese
Oregano, parsley, ground chili


Put within a pot the yeast, salt to taste, flour, a spoonful of butter and the warm milk necessary to form a well worked and elastic pastry, knead with stick. Small pieces of garlic and oregano can be added to the mixture if wished.

Then, pour a flour cap on the pastry and stretch it on the table, add, in a well distributed form, the onion, previously fried; the mussels, the oregano, the ground chili and fresh cheese, season to taste. Bend carefully the extremes toward interior and end of rolling the pastry, in the form of a roll. Put it on a buttered and floured baker dish.

Spray with a little melted butter the surface of the roll and take to the oven by 15/20 minutes.