What to eat in Iguazú Falls?

There is a large variety of food to enjoy in Iguazú Falls area. Learn about the dishes that you must try!

This is not only the meeting point of three countries, but also a destination for large amounts of immigration from northern Europe (popularly called “the Russians”). But the most typical plates are:

Mbeyú, a traditional food of the Guaraní Indians, a fried dough patty of mandioca with milk or water, salt and cheese.

The chipa, or Paraguayan cake, is made with starch, milk, cheese, lard, eggs and salt.

Paraguayan soup doesn’t actually resemble soup, it is a type of oven baked bread, made of white corn flour, onions and cheese.

The galeto are large cuts of meet roasted on a sword over a flame, and is popularon the Brazilian side of the border.

The rapadura is a desert made of sugar cane syrup.

And a good option for a hot day is tereré, which is iced mate.