Excursions in Iguazú

There are many options that you have at your disposal to travel within the park. There are foot paths, boats, the Train of the Falls, and it can even be explored in your own vehicle.

Boat to San Martín Island

If you arrive in your own vehicle, drive carefully and remember that you are driving through a preserved area. Slow down your speed and enjoy the view. Respect the animals —more than 500 animals each year die from vehicle accidents—. Many of these animals are endemic, which means that they are only found in this habitat.

Train of the FallsWhether you chose to experience the park by yourself or with a guide, we recommend that you visit the Visitor’s Center Yvyrá Retá or “country of the trees” in guaraní, which is located less than 50 meters from the entrance to the park. In this center you will find a lot of information that will help you to enjoy your visit even more. The falls aren’t the only attraction of the park, but the flora and fauna are stunning as well.

From this center you can board a train that takes you to the falls.