Waterfalls on the Brazilian Side

The visit to the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side allows a panoramic view of all the Falls, as if you were in the center of a big amphitheater.

Waterfalls seen from the Brazilian Side

It covers a single path that allows a panoramic view of the falls and reaches the Visitor Center, where there is a Statue of Santos Dumont, the “Father of Aviation” in Brazil.

The access path to the Falls begins at a lookout point, situated opposite the Cataratas Hotel and has a length of 1200m. on the right bank of Iguazú River.

Along the path, the Falls (both in Argentina and Brazil) can be seen from different angles, until reaching the runway that leads to the side view of the Devil’s Throat.

Throughout the trail visitors are escorted by multicolor butterflies, cute coatis and other small animals of the Park.

The duration is 2 and a half hours, and the path poses no difficulties nor it has stairs.