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What to buy in Iguazú?

The handicrafts typical of the region are the baskets (all kinds of baskets, but also rings, bracelets, swords, etc.  and wood carvings.

The fiber of the plants native to the area is the Guembé and natural dyes are in the range of reds and browns. The rest are artificial colorings.

The wood carving requires more skill, especially when you consider that the tools used are rudimentary. For most indigenous families craft sales is the main source of income.

Where to find regional products?

Within the Iguazú National Park you will find them in all locations found in the Visitor Center.

In Puerto Iguazu, mainly on Victoria Aguirre and Brazil avenues.


3 Responses to What to buy in Iguazú?

  1. Ana says:

    Hay que tener mucho cuidado en las compras de joyas semipreciosas, pedir certificado, yo compre aros caros que supuestamente heran de piedra semipreciosa, no son tales, son vidrio coloreado, esto me paso en MINAS DE WANDA.

  2. maria cristina sportelli says:

    me gustaria conocer los precios aproximados de las artesanias dentro del parque y en las minas ya q viajo en pocos dias y no me gustaria quedarme sin dinero

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