Big Adventure

The Great Adventure is the most exciting nautical excursion in the Waterfalls area. You definitely cannot miss the “Falls Baptism”

Big adventure excursion

The excursion begins in the port across from San Martin Island. From there, in semi-rigid rubber boats you will approach both the Argentine falls (including the Devil’s Throat Cannon) and the Brazilian Falls where you will be “baptized by the mist.”

Then you will travel by boat for 8 km more on the lower Iguazú river and experience the rapids. Upon arriving at Puerto Macuco you will do a short hike on jungle paths until arriving at the 4×4 vehicles that will take you back, via the Yaracatiá trail. The total duration is about an hour, with a certain degree of difficulty, and there are stairs.

It is not recommended for people with heart problems or pregnant women.