Argentine Waterfalls

The visit to the Falls on the Argentine side is the excursion you can not miss on your trip to Iguazú. It is said that on the Argentine side people live the falls and from the Brazilian side covers.
Know how to live the most reading this note!

San Martín Fall - Argentine Side

It is a full day excursion which will take you on various walks through the forest. It leaves at 8 in the morning and returns at 5 in the afternoon.

The walks that are included are the following:

Train into the Jungle (Tren de la selva)

Train of the Falls

There is a circuit of trains that bring riders to the ecological wonders of the park and border the river, and it allows a visitor to access different paths.

Upper Path (Paseo Superior)

Iguazú Falls seen from the Upper PathThe path covers 1.1 km round trip. This path has no climbs but it allows visitors access to the highest footbridges above the main waterfalls. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the falls as well as the delta of the Iguazú River, with its islands lush with vegetation. This path is the one that requires the lowest level of effort of the three main paths. The walk can be easily completed in one hour.

Lower Path (Paseo Inferior)

Iguazú Falls seen from the Lower PathThis circular path covers 1.2 km in total, and allows you to observe the majority of the falls, from different perspectives: including from the front and down the falls themselves; with wide views or in direct contact with the water. You can even feel the spray from the Bossetti waterfall. These footbridges also allow you to experience the jungle up close. This walk can be completed in two hours, but keep in mind that there are many stairs to climb, the equivalent of 8 floors.

Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo)

Devil's ThroatThis natural wonder can be reached by the Train of the Falls, detraining in Devil’s Throat Station. From there it is a 1000 mts. walk winding through islands, until arriving at the balconies in front of Devil’s Throat. The total duration of this walk is two hours. Ask for the schedule of the last train before heading off. It is an easy walk, without stairs.

San Martín Island (Isla San Martín)

If you have time, you can reach the island, via a free boat service that leaves from the lower path. If you want to climb to the top of the island in order to enjoy the spectacular views, you should keep in mind that it is equivalent to climbing the stairs of a twelve story high building.

Macuco Trail (Sendero Macuco)

Arrechea Fall - Macuco TrailFor those who love to observe nature, this is one of the most popular hiking options in the Park. This is in an ancient part of the forest, and its 3.6 km (one way only) takes you into the heart of the jungle. The departure point to the path is located only a few meters from the Research Center. At the end of the path, you will reach a waterfall that is semi-hidden by the jungle: the Arrechea Fall, which has a small beach in which swimming is NOT allowed. The path that leads down to the waterfall has a high degree of difficulty. This walk is a unique opportunity to get to know the jungle, and with luck, the animals that inhabit it. The walk takes two hours to complete, and you should bring water and insect repellent. We recommend that you request a map from the information office, which will also provide you with all necessary information. Another piece of good advice: Don’t enter after 4 in the afternoon in the winter (5PM in the Summer) because you won’t have enough time to return before it gets dark.