Patagonian Cooking

Small leg of lamb with cider


Lamb leg: 1

Cider: 1 bottle

Small onions: 1/2 kg.

Big onions (finelly minced): 2

Sour green apples: 1 kg.

Pepper and salt (to taste)

Sugar: 1/2 cup

Oregano: 1 pinch

Oil: necessary quantity

Garlic: 4 cloves


Put gild in oil the cruched garlic in a pot and the minced onion, once ready separate. Bone the small leg and gild it some 15 minutes, relish with pepper, salt and oregano, anda there in after cover with the cider and cook to medium flame during an hour, in case ir is too evaporated, follow adding the cider.

Meanwhile in a pan gild in melted butter the small onions and the peeled apples and cut in four pieces, powder with sugar and let ir cook until it looks mellow and consistent.

Serve the leg cut in median slices, sauce with the remained juice (thick if it is necessary with cornstarch) and place in the same plate the small onions and the apples.