Patagonia, July 23 2018

Patagonian Cooking

The vast Patagonian geography, its production, its immigrants and natives have permeated the land of the end of the world with delicious flavours. Cuisine, just like Patagonia itself, is very well differentiated in mountain range, central and coast regions. At the mountains the typical dishes are prepared on trout, salmon, deer base and some dishes were brought by the immigrants from Central Europe: Chucrut, Raclette, Fondue, and others. It also had some influence the food of the mapuches natives, the most known example is curanto. The central area has an essential element for food: lamb, it’s the same situation for the Atlantic coast that also has the presence of fish and seafood. And in Chubut they have the famous Welsh cake. Friends from all over Patagonia are already sending us their recipes, take a chance, cook them and if you have any suggestion do not hesitate to contact us.

Cheese roll with mussels

The sea is always a source of richness, and that applies also in the gastronomic field. In this opportunity, it marvels us at a tasty roll very well seasoned Ingredients for the pastry: 20 full spoonfuls of flour 25 grs. … Continue reading

Raspberry Bavarois

From the depth of the patagonic woods we bring you this exquisite desert. Yoy will go into raptures over it. That´s for granted. Get ready to enjoy it! Ingredients: ¼ kilogram of raspberries½ cup of sugar¾ cup of whipped cream1 … Continue reading

Spiced Lamb casserole has selected this recipe for you, extracted from the book ‘Eating in Patagonia’ by Javier Perret and Mónica Bonfico. A delight requiring just a few ingredients and quite easy to prepare. Ingredients: 1 ½ Kilogram of lamb 5 medium … Continue reading

Stuffed Trout

Ingredients 1 Trout of two kg. (clean). 2 Onions cut in little pieces. 1 Sweet red pepper cut in slices. 3 Carrots cut in slices. Butter 50 g. Parsley 50 grs. Salt, pepper and ground chilli to taste. Preparation Put … Continue reading

Mushroom Trout a´la Champagne

The ingredients called for in this recipe, exclusively presented on, are few in number but culinarily emblematic of Patagonia: Trout, emblematic of our lakes, a handful of dried mushrooms and some dry champagne, produced from grapes grown in the … Continue reading

Mushrooms Tortilla

Funghi have got that unique, rustic taste, and this amazingly easy recipe respects and enhances it. You can use any variety of them, though the best are those of the pine. Ingredients: 6 big silvestre mushrooms 1 half inch wide … Continue reading

Welsh cakes

We have already presented the recipe of the welsh cake prepared in the patagonian style. Now we double the bet and bring to you the welsh cakes as cooked in the british country. They also have also a good number … Continue reading

The Welsh Cake

The famous Welsh or Black cake Welsh cake, despite of what its name seems to indicate, did not come from Wales. Actually, it constitutes a sign of the strength of the first Welsh settlers who arrived in the Valley of … Continue reading

Mushroom Terrine

Scents of land, deep freshness of Patagonian woods and smooth foam consistence, are the highlights of this regional dish. Ideal for the upcoming season. Ingredients 150 grs. of dry mushrooms 200 grs. of fresh mushrooms 100 grs. of butter 1 … Continue reading

Strudel “Aunt Elvira”

Once again, a simple, tasty and economic dish for our readers and cookers. A dessert to taste after a meal, or for tea time. Shoulders to the wheel! Ingredients: Butter 250 grs. Green apples 4 Kg. Sultanina pass 50 grs. … Continue reading

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